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Personalized hospitality

Experience tne vacation you’ve always wanted with personalized service

Privacy and comfort

Relax in your own tranquility, take a dip in your private pool, or cook your own meal.

Community and culture

Embrace the culture with insider tips on eating, exploring, and living like a local.

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Experience hassle-fee vacation, full of relaxation, joy, and unforgettable moments.

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Birthday celebration

Customized decoration

Complimentary birthday cake

Special surprise


Make every moment count

Afternoon high tea

Floating breakfast

Floaties rental

Hookah delivery to your door


Airport transport

Airport pickup and drop off

Private driver

Fully-charged petrol

Free bottles of mineral water

Free SIM card



Anniversary celebration

Customized decoration

Special surprise


Personalize your stay

Fresh smoothies by order

Complimentary welcome drink

Motorbike/car rental by request

Baby Hand

Baby needs

Portable baby cot

Baby stroller

Baby high chair


The property should make money for you, not the other way around.

You can relax while we handle daily operations, ensuring all tasks are done efficiently.

  • Inventory and facility standardisation

  • Manpower planning

  • Finance

  • Operational

  • Marketing

  • Sales


Many property investment fail to make yield profits. Alterstay’s mission is to deliver quality and efficiency for long-term success.

Henry Setiono

Owner Pelangi 148 Seminyak

The challenges in property investment and management

Bali: The Most Promising Tourism Investment Area.

Did you know that Bali is not only known as tourists’ favorite destination? It is also known as a perfect place that creates a great start to establishing your hospitality business. How is that possible?

Let's learn more from Henry Setiono, an experienced entrepreneur in the hospitality industry who owns the renowned Pelangi148 Beach Suites among other properties.

Alterstay helps to set yourself up for great portfolio with low risk, yet high return on your property investment.

You shouldn’t get involved

The property should generate profit with minimal effort and time. While you should be focusing on your life.

Skip the trial and error

All require trial and error and definitely your time and energy. With us, there is always a better way.

Poor operation costs failure

No cost control, insufficient marketing, and inefficient resource are recipes to low occupancy with bad ratings.