Tourism in Bali Monthly Report - June 2023 Edition: Find Out Here!

Tourism in Bali Monthly Report - June 2023 Edition: Find Out Here! - An increase in tourists to Bali will also begin to be seen again in the middle of 2023. Starting from June, which always shows a significant increase in tourist arrivals to Bali. This is not without reason, but because foreign citizens return to the functioning of the tourism wheel and Bali is still one of the destinations they are aiming for.

Even this increase is shown from the graph below which depicts foreign tourists coming to Bali Province in June 2023, there were 478,198 visits compared to the previous month's 439,475 visits. This increase shows an increase of 8.81 percent in just one month.

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On the other hand, visits by foreign tourists according to their nationality were still dominated by Australian citizens with a total of 121,922 visits, and India 52,131, then Singapore 30,132, the United States 23,821, and China 25,689. Where these tourists develop the highest occupancy rate of hotel rooms falls in the city of Denpasar with 62.02%.

The increase in tourists also had an impact on the occupancy rate of star-rated and non-starred hotel rooms. Whereas in the previous month, it was 47.30% to 59.95  in June 2023. The occupancy rate for stars also increased by 20.82 % and non-star hotels also increased by 0.36 % from the previous month 29.37%  to 29.73 and the average length of stay of guests also increased to 2.45 days for non-star hotels.

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The data that provides evidence of this positive increase shows that tourism in Bali is always increasing every month so the potential for increasing tourism in Bali is clear. Therefore, for 2023 from the beginning of the year to June, the increasing number of tourists always occurs and is suitable for those of you who want to make any investment in Bali, including property investment itself.

For those of you who really intend to invest in property, you can entrust it to Alterstay, which is property management in Bali. If you want a more detailed consultation regarding this matter, you can directly visit this page.

Source : Badan Pusat Statistika Bali

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Popular Property Design in 2023

Popular Property Design in 2023 - It's not only property that continues to grow, some designs have also developed to follow it. One of the most popular ones for 2023 is Smart Home Technology Design, which is growing rapidly in 2023. In this article, we will explore the popular property design for 2023, which is Smart Home Technology.

  • Definition of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is a technology that combines home and technology at a high level. Maybe you've seen on social media how people can close the door just by ordering it and even turning off the lights with a telephone device. That is one small example of the use of Smart Home Technology which is often popular this year.

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  • Advantages of Smart Home Technology for Property

The advantage of this property is that it provides comfort, convenience, and practicality that is suitable for those of you who don't want to bother taking care of the house. This design is suitable for your property that has the equipment, lighting, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, or various kinds of technological features. Only by using a smartphone and also the internet, and you can control your entire home.

Another advantage is that it is clear that all practical technological features can help you provide peace of mind for whoever owns or is an occupant of the property. You can also minimize insecurity in your home because of the many security features that already exist on your property. In short, there are 3 advantages, namely:

  • Energy use efficiency

If you are the type of person who forgets to turn off the lights at home, don't worry, the technology in your home can make you set the time to turn it off or you can turn it off remotely. With this, it will be easier for you to avoid unused energy spikes in your home.

  • Flexibility in organizing your home

The smart home technology system will help you take care of your home and make it more up-to-date.

  • Quality of Life of Users Improved

Sophistication in this system can provide convenience to you and prevent you from all kinds of household hassles. This will have an impact on the ease of activities in your home and give you more time to do your activities.

That is the popular property design in 2023 in the form of Smart Home Technology, it is hoped that after reading this article you will be able to get references for your property design. If you want a consultation regarding your property, immediately entrust it to the property management in Bali, Alterstay, click here.

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Why Service Quality is Important For You

Why Service Quality is Important For You - Service Quality is one crucial aspect of your property management business that should be noticed. But what exactly makes service quality so essential for you? Here are 5 reasons why service quality is crucial for you:

  • Customers will Feel Satisfied

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With good service, consumers will feel happy and satisfied in shopping or buying products or services your business offers. Consumers will think that your company is competent and reliable in doing business.

  • Customer Loyalty will be Formed

When customers are satisfied with the services that your company provides, customers will feel that your company pays attention to customers. They will not hesitate to buy or use your company's products and services. This certainly benefits your business because you can look for new customers without looking for new customers.

  • Having a Good Company Image 

Customers can tell their relatives about the excellent service provided by your company and even recommend them to buy products or services that your company offers. Thus, your company can be known as a company with excellent and professional services.

  • Increase Sales 

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Your sales can undoubtedly increase with a good company image and loyal customers. Satisfied customers are likely to make repeat transactions. In addition, you can get new customers whom your old customers have recommended.

  • Lower Marketing Costs 

You don't need to spend more to market your company and your products because you already have loyal customers who often make purchases. You also don't need to spend money to create brand awareness for your company, because your loyal customers will help spread information about your company to their closest relatives. 

Improving service quality is something that takes time to be done. Therefore, you need to constantly maintain and pay attention to your company's service quality to feel the benefits of good service quality. Improving the service quality of your business can be helped by companies that provide guest house management services, such as Alterstay.

Managing Property Safely and Pocket-Friendly

Managing Property Safely and Pocket-Friendly - Managing a property you own for commercial purposes may seem like a lot of money and effort. At first glance, there are many things that we must pay attention to when managing a property, so we may think that managing a property will cost a lot of money and effort. However, there are ways to manage your property safely, and they certainly cost little. Here are tips and tricks for managing property safely and pocket-friendly:

Property Management Bali

  • Know Your Property

It is essential to know your property, such as the floor plan, electrical and plumbing systems, and the materials in your property, so that you can quickly determine the best type of regular maintenance for your property.

  • Periodic Check of Water and Electrical Pipes

Water pipes in the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms must be checked regularly. This is done to avoid pipe leaks that cause water bills to swell and cost you money. Likewise, with the electrical system, you need to do regular checks to prevent electrical interference that can interfere with the comfort of your guests.

Hospitality Management Bali

  • Beware of Pest and Termite Threats

The most common pests that can be a problem for your property are termites and rats. Termites can damage the walls of your property, while mice can contaminate the floors and walls and damage the tools in your property, such as cables. Therefore, you need to eliminate these pests, so they no longer exist and damage the property.

  • Maintain Property Security

Property security is crucial for property owners. It would be best if you ensured that the gates, entrances, exits, and other accesses to your property are secured so thieves or robbers cannot enter your property. If burglars steal the items on your property, you will suffer considerable material loss.

Property Management Tips

Some property owners may need help in managing their property. If you own a property in Bali and find it challenging to drive, you can use property management services to support the management and maintenance of your property. Alterstay is one of the companies that provide villa management services in Bali, that more than 40 properties have trusted. For more information about Alterstay, you can view our profile through our website at here.

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Easy Steps to Determine the Right Property Design!

Easy Steps to Determine the Right Property Design! - When you invest, you will be given various choices about which type of investment is right for you, just like when you invest in property. Here are easy steps and property design tips that are right for you!

  • Determine From Market Price

If you want to invest in property, you have to pay attention to how to approach the market price, which might be the object of comparison for your property. By making a market price comparison, you can get a property that is not only the same but also similar at a price that can be minimized so as not to exceed your budget.

property design tips bali

Determining property designs from market prices can also refer to property prices being sold around your area. If you need help, you can rely on the cost of properties whose sales have only been made in the last six months. You can judge for yourself whether your property tends to be high because of its strategic environment and adequate facilities, so it's only natural if there is a significant selling price.

  • Determine from Revenue

In assessing the property design that suits you, try to see the amount of income generated. By looking at the income data collection results, you will determine the right property design for you to invest in. Pay attention starting from the finances obtained through the property so you can assess whether your income is feasible to support financially.


Seeing the right property design for you can also be seen from how you see the net profit that has been carried out from the previous months. Are these benefits sufficient for you, or are they even considered inappropriate for properties requiring routine maintenance.

  • Determine from Cost

Assessing the property design suitable for you can be done by determining it from the costs incurred for operations. Looking at large or small costs also determines how you have an applicable property for investment, whether you like properties that don't need frequent intense repairs or those that need to be constantly updated to keep up with the times.


Those are the easy steps to determine the right property design for you. If you are still confused, using property management services is also your choice. Choose Alterstay, a company where you can start your property investments anywhere, one of which is property investment in Bali. Don't worry, with Alterstay, you will also get good property management tips. Good luck!

5 Things You Must Know When Investing in Property!

5 Things You Must Know When Investing in Property! - Investing can be one way to secure your financial condition in the future, but investing takes work. Property investment is one example of an investment that is currently in great demand. There are many types of property that you can invest in, from land, apartments, villas, hotels, and many others. However, choose strategic places like Bali if you are supposed to invest in property, because property investment in Bali might be a good experience for you. In that case, you need to pay attention to several things to determine the potential of this property investment. Here are five things you must know when it comes to property investment!

bali digital hospitality ecosystem

  • Know Property Investment Has a Value That Easily Increases

Property investment is an investment whose price always increases every year. This is because the need for a place to live continues to expand. On the other hand, the land area does not increase every year. Therefore property investment can be something you try to manage your finances to be better in the future.

  • Know the fees and property taxes that must be paid

Managing a residence, you must be able to pay attention to costs such as taxes and other operational fees. Therefore it is essential to know the legal amount and how it is not greater than the income you get.

  • Determine Your Investment Time

Make a property investment at the right time, such as looking at the state of the property market prices and how the national economy and other financial conditions relate. Then, if you have determined a suitable time, you can start immediately.

bali property management service

  • Know your Property's Future Development Plan

This plan can help you see the growth in property values ​​in the future, and the goal is also if you want to sell or rent it later. This plan will be good if your property is close to public facilities so that it increases the price of your property.

  • Understand the type of Property you need

You also have to know what property you will invest in. Understanding the types allows you to determine which ones can be tailored to your needs. Choose the type of property that can provide the best results and also the most profitable.

bali hospitality management

Those are five things you must know when you are going to invest in property. Of course, starting an investment takes work. You can maximize yourself to find information that supports you as an investor, but with help like good property management, it's much more manageable—so no need to be confused. You can start by using the Alterstay service because Alterstay is a company that provides property management in Bali and other areas. The additional information you can get through our profile is here!

What To Do in Ubud Festival Bali 2023! (Live Report)

What To Do in Ubud Festival Bali 2023! (Live Report) - Ubud Festival Bali is indeed being discussed because it will be held soon. The Ubud Festival, also known as the Ubud Food Festival 2023, provides many attractions for you to visit. Here are things you can do at the Ubud Festival Bali 2023.

  • Attend Culinary Theatre

Of course, because the name is Ubud Food Festival, various kinds of food will be served, and they are from different regions in Indonesia. In this Culinary Theater, you can even taste food from talented chefs in Indonesia and food as well as every food available.

villa rental in ubud

  • Live Music and Art

Of course, a festival will only be complete with music from various Balinese performances. Most Balinese people look forward to live music and art, and here you will see multiple kinds of Bali's most talented young musicians. The excitement about live music is that it is also done when the sun is about to set, and the atmosphere at night usually gives a feeling more in touch with exploring music and art.

  • Food Discussion

This food discussion aims to start various related stories, exchange ideas and work together regarding the culinary industry's sustainability in Bali and Indonesia. In this discussion, of course, you can start a conversation and provide interesting insights on handling food.

You can do those things when visiting the Ubud Food Festival 2023. Remember to invite your friends to visit the Ubud Food Festival. You don't need to worry about where you will stay in Ubud because Alterstay is one of the best property management in Bali, and you get your place to stay in Ubud directly at a price that is worth it only here.

Put More Attention To These Four Things Before Buying a Property

Put More Attention To These Four Things Before Buying a Property - If you want to buy a house and still can't decide what room is right for your next house. Here are some things that you can refer to before buying a house for you to pay attention to in more detail:

  • Property Location

Make sure your property is in a strategic location, and choose the destination if you also want to buy a house, whether it's close to your place of work or the goal is for you just want to get peace away from the city. Make sure the house, if possible, is not far from the hospital, or still has neighbors around the area.

  • Neighborhood of Property

Make sure your property has a good and safe environment. See how the environment around your property is safe for walking or even cycling. The safer your environment, the easier it will be for you to get peace and also avoid various kinds of problems in the future.

villa management bali

  • Pay attention to the position of the room

You are also required to know how many rooms you need as a bedroom or other things, also make sure a small bathroom is something that meets your criteria in choosing a property that fits your wants and needs. If possible, you can also consider the possibility of the future whether you want to build more rooms for your relatives or children.

  • Ensure Storage and Closet for Your Items

Also make sure you have thought about the needs of the property you are buying, whether it can accommodate the various styles of items that you might collect, or which room you want to display them in. Also, pay attention to how the storage for your home fits in with the property design you want.

  • Determine the right Property Design for you to do

Sometimes you can consider various details that are suitable for your equipment and the property you are buying. Determine whether you really want a house that is detailed or as simple as possible and one that is suitable for you to apply for a long time so that you will not get bored with the property you are buying.

Those are the 4 things you should pay attention to before buying a property so you don't take the wrong steps in the future. Immediately make sure of some of the things above so that you don't choose the wrong one, but if you want to consult regarding the property. You can entrust it to Alterstay, trusted property management in Bali, only here.

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Unlocking Investment Potential: Know These Types of Property

Unlocking Investment Potential: Know These Types of Property - if you want to start investing, we think you also have to start getting to know about what property investments exist and what opportunities are created from investments like this. The following are the types of properties that are suitable for your investment and maybe you can already sort out the property investment path that is right for you from looking at your property:

  • Vacant land

The land is usually one of the most preferred investments by most people. With this investment, you have the flexibility to utilize the land as your additional source of income. You can also build a house on it and make it a boarding house or build a shop and rent it out to business people.

  • Co-Living

If your property is close to offices or universities, you can change your land, make it into co-living and make it another source of income. This clearly helps you in building a financial plan for your future. Don't forget that with this type of residential property, your property can't be empty because of the high demand required by various groups.

villa investment in bali

  • Office Space

Property that you can reconsider for investment is office space. This can also work if you have vacant land in a big city and get you a very strategic office building. There are various kinds of advantages if you have predicted that your building and land will be used as office space, such as the ease with which you can set high rental prices and the ease with which you can rent it out to several companies so that you get various kinds of cooperation and benefits.

  • Villas

This type of property investment is suitable for those of you who have land close to tourist attractions and are also strategically located. Apart from being able to benefit every day because it can be rented per day, this investment can also be useful for those of you who may frequently visit the area with relatives and will not incur costs for your stay again.

These are the property recommendations that are suitable for you to invest in. If you are interested in starting an investment, also consider the various kinds of benefits and opportunities that you will get. If you don't want to bother yourself, you can consult with Alterstay, a trusted Villa management in Bali, only here.

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