5 Simple Tips to Take Care Your Garden

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Alterstay.co – A garden is one part of your home or property that you should remember; apart from giving a fresh and excellent impression, having a garden can also help you add value to your property. But taking care of the garden, you need to pay attention to many things; here we will help you with five simple tips for maintaining your garden:


Make sure you water your plants regularly

Of course, in caring for a garden, regular watering is unquestionable. It would be best to try to water it regularly to keep your plants in the garden with the needed moisture. Water your plants in the morning whenever possible because watering in the morning will cause the water in your plants to not evaporate as much. Also, avoid using a solid water hose that can damage your plants; use a watering method that doesn’t hurt your plants.


Clean up your fallen plants

You also need to consistently maintain your garden by cleaning it regularly. The trick is to clean fallen leaves or twigs near your plants; the purpose is also to maintain control of the arrival of insects on your plants. Besides that, if your child doesn’t clean up the fallen parts of your plants, this will also impact your still-alive plants. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your plants regularly, both those that are dry and those that have fallen.


tips to take care garden


Try to Tuck in Planting Anti-Disease Plants

Plant disease resistance will help you fight or help your plants in the garden to stay away from insects. This plant can be challenging to find, but some flowers can be your choice. You don’t need to think twice when using this plant because it will help you deal with problems that exist in the future.


Replace Your Pot Regularly

You can replace the existing pots in your garden so that your plants can develop and grow better. Over time, your plant cannot grow in the old pot and must be replaced according to the size of your plant. Also, make sure your pot must be porous and can hold water.


Don’t Hesitate to Cut Twigs

When you have plants, you must also pay attention to small twigs and dry leaves that can interfere with your plants daily. No need to hesitate to cut the twigs because it will make it neater, lush and healthy and longevity. But not all plants need to cut their branches, you have to pay attention to just a few plants, but if they are withered and dry, you should start cutting them.


Those are some simple tips to take care garden of your property. If you want to consult about property in your home and make it one of your income, you can consult it with Alterstay, which is one of the best property management in Bali. So what are you waiting for?

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