Things to do in pererenan

8 Best Things To Do While You’re in Pererenan

Welcome to Pererenan, a hidden gem on Bali’s west coast that’s not quite as famous as its neighboring towns but has just as much to offer. If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of more touristy destinations like Kuta

tourism in bali may 2023
Tourist in Bali Monthly Report – May 2023 Edition: Find Out Here!

As time goes by and the world economy recovers after the Covid-19 period ends, there are also changes that are felt by people around the world. Bali itself is no exception, where in May 2023, there was an increase in the number of tourist visits to Bali from the previous month.   Tourist visit to Bali: April-May 2023 Comparation This increase can be seen from the change from the previous month. In April, the number of tourist visits was at 411,510 and this figure increased until May 2023 itself, the number of tourist visits was at 439,475. The increase can be seen in the illustration below in more detail.     Foreign Tourist Arrival to Bali: Top Countries This increase clearly again provides an opportunity for Bali to prove that tourists coming to Bali always increase in number compared to the following month and make the month of May again

property management tips
5 Simple Tips to Take Care Your Garden – A garden is one part of your home or property that you should remember; apart from giving a fresh and excellent impression, having a garden can also help you add value to your property. But taking care of the garden, you need to pay attention to many things; here we will help you with five simple tips for maintaining your garden:   Make sure you water your plants regularly Of course, in caring for a garden, regular watering is unquestionable. It would be best to try to water it regularly to keep your plants in the garden with the needed moisture. Water your plants in the morning whenever possible because watering in the morning will cause the water in your plants to not evaporate as much. Also, avoid using a solid water hose that can damage your plants; use a watering method that doesn’t hurt your plants.  

property furniture tips
Tips to Choose The Right Furniture For Your Property! – A house or property is only complete if it is accompanied by furniture that helps decorate it. The existence of furniture is clearly considered more critical, considering that each object has a different function. Therefore we have a solution for you about how to choose the right furniture for your property.   Pay attention to the size of the furniture in your room Don’t just choose furniture just because the furniture is considered beautiful or good but you also have to pay attention to the furniture with the condition of your room. Pay attention to essential elements such as size, color selection, what the room’s function is for, and how the design fits with the theme of the room. Choose furniture that pays attention to the theme of your home, and don’t just buy it for timeless furniture.   Use furniture that has quality materials Choose furniture that

property investment in bali
Know These 3 Things Before Investing in Property in Bali! – Bali, which relies on tourism as the spearhead of its economy, has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but since 2023, it is not a problem anymore. Bali is also known for its natural charm that attracts many parties for a vacation. Therefore the Balinese economy depends on tourism. This is one of the advantages of investing in Bali because the island of Bali is always full of tourist visits. But before that, know these three things before investing in property in Bali!     Make a purchase at the right moment You as an investor must be aware, that property prices in tourist destination areas are often more stable than properties in ordinary areas. Try to make investments outside the holiday season because it will cause sales competition which is usually attractive during the holiday season. Therefore, look for as much information as possible or you

workation in bali
3 Reasons Why You Should Workation in Bali! – The phenomenon of Workation or Work and Vacation often occurs lately. Lots of people do this because it is to get rid of boredom when working. Bali is of course one of the favourite destinations for workers doing workation. Want to know why? Check this out.   Availability of communities for various things in Bali When doing Workation, sometimes we need new friends or acquaintances to keep feeling fresh. Bali has definitely become a destination that makes it easy to form communities because many people from all over the world come with various hobbies and maybe you will meet people who have something in common with you.     Co-Working Space is available anywhere and anytime For those of you who are often bored with the atmosphere of the office, going to cafes is also too noisy, so the last solution is to come to a Co-Working Space

invest property in canggu
Here Are Some Reasons To Invest In Canggu! – Canggu is one of the areas in Bali that is busy with tourists. Therefore this place is actually suitable as a place to invest, such as property investment. Here are some reasons for you to invest in Canggu!   The size of the market in Canggu Canggu is the best place for the villa rental business in Bali. Therefore, property prices in Canggu always increase over the year. This is also because many tourists deliberately have lodging accommodations in Canggu because it is close to travelling anywhere in Bali.   Canggu is known as “New Seminyak” by tourists Canggu is increasingly known to be growing and has almost the same popularity as Seminyak. This is because Canggu has various popular areas, such as the Potato Head Club and even the Finns Recreation Club in Berawa. In Conclusion, Canggu has everything you need when you are a visiting tourist.