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open space property theme – When making a house, we are sometimes confused about what theme to use to build the house, one alternative that you can try is the Open space theme. The following is an explanation of the open space theme for your property:


  • Explanation of Open Space Theme

Open Space is a theme used to adapt the concept of open space without any partitions or boundaries in the house. This concept is suitable for those of you who have a house with a narrow type of design but want to look wider.


  • Advantages of Open Space Property Design

The advantages of having an open space house start from natural lighting which can enter easily into your home. Apart from that, it can also make it easier for you to get sunlight and make you feel fresher when you are in the house because air circulation is much better.


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With this theme, you don’t need to use a lot of windows or a lot of ventilation so as to provide a healthy environment for the residents. This concept also helps you get a more relaxed atmosphere and can improve the mood of the homeowners themselves. For those of you who also want to have a garden in your residence, obviously, this theme is suitable for your property.


This is an explanation of the property theme, namely Open Space, an estimate of what theme you want to apply to your property and what to do first. If you want to consult regarding this matter, you can contact Alterstay, Property Management in Bali.


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