3 Easy Hacks to Increase the Natural Lighting in Your House!

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Alterstay.co – When building a house or property, you often need to remember how good light circulation is for your property. Even though light will make your property look beautiful, bright, and not cramped, try these three easy hacks to increase natural lighting!


Minimize bulkheads in your home

Properties with many partitions will require many sources of light, therefore to make it easier for lighting to enter your home is to remove sections that are not too important in your home. However, if you still need the partition or sections, you can use glass and cover it with a curtain or curtain if you want to close it. Adding or replacing your sections with glass will give your property or house better lighting.


Choose the right paint color

Tips that you can use can also be by changing the paint of your house, choosing wall paint that is the brightest color, and using this method if you have a room that is not exposed to too much light, especially one that doesn’t have windows. Use monotonous colors like gray or light blue. Remember to start paying attention to your top wall and giving it a bright color too.


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Use helpful furniture

You can use furniture such as mirrors to help parts of your home get light reflected throughout the house. If you want to maximize lighting, you can also maximize the spread of light in the room by attaching a mirror facing the window to create a spacious impression.


Those are three easy hacks to increase the natural lighting if you want your property or house to be brighter due to the amount of light coming in. If you want more tips about property or how to maintain your property, visit the Alterstay as your trusted property management in Bali and check here for more information!


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