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tropical house design

If you intend to build a house or property with an anti-mainstream theme, maybe this can be one of your inspirations. The theme of the house now that is no less trendy is the tropical house design where this concept will combine a tropical climate with a home atmosphere that can also accommodate it.


  • Explanation of Tropical House Theme

A Tropical House is a form of property theme that has a tropical feel and tries to mix your property with the surrounding environment. Usually with this theme, there are stone and wood materials which usually dominate the property. Not infrequently there is also a glass that is deliberately used to present a panoramic view of the house. The room and the furniture are sometimes also usually designed simply but can bring light and cool air in.


  • Advantages of Tropical House Theme

The advantage you can get is how easy it is for outside light to enter the house, especially if you may live in a tropical country, the everyday atmosphere can make your home feel more alive. Apart from that, you can also bring a holiday atmosphere to your property, so it is suitable for those of you who are just bored due to work and return home to relax and heal at the same time.


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The application of this design also tends to usually use natural materials such as wood, bamboo to natural stone so that it will make your residential atmosphere feel more comfortable, calm, and also relaxed. Apart from that, because usually this home theme also requires indoor plants as decorations, it will help you make your home fresher because the air quality in this design will add comfort to your property.


Thus the explanation regarding the theme of the property is called tropical house design, if you intend to build a house, maybe this can be one of your inspirations. If you are still unsure, you can consult Alterstay, property management in Bali for free. Only here.


These villas could be your options and inspiration for building property with tropical house theme:

  1. Skati Villa
  2. Inara Villa
  3. Manda Villa
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