Get To Know Types of Property Design (2023)

types of property design

If you are looking for ideas and concepts for your property, you may get confuse about which one is the best to implement. There are various types of property design that you can try below:


  • Modern Industrial

This concept existed from ancient times when it was known in the 1950s and many buildings that were shaped like this came from Europe. The distinctive feature of this type of property design is the presence of a masculine and warm atmosphere for anyone who is in it. Materials using such as glass, iron, or aluminum.


  • Mediterranean

This concept displays a luxurious and elegant impression for the property that uses it. This property is suitable for those of you who want to have significant and thick walls that function to protect against heat during the day. Besides that, the existence of large pillars also helps you to display luxury and authenticity. Suitable for those of you who want to have a house with a garden inside.


property design idea bali


  • Mid Century Style

This type of home design is more likely to be characterized by windows with large mirrors and many large spaces. It’s like built in a flat plane so that it gives the impression of being able to directly connect with nature. This concept style is suitable for those of you who want the atmosphere of the sun and green gardens to enter the house to give a beautiful impression.


Those are the types of property design you can try to inspire your home in the future. Don’t hesitate for those of you who want to change the appearance of your property to make it more trendy by choosing the type of property type above. If you experience confusion, you can consult Alterstay, property management in Bali, and feel the benefits. Only here.


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