Maintaining Swimming Pools Easily and Cheaply

maintain swimming pool – The swimming pool is one of the assets on your property that often gets dirty and requires regular maintenance to keep it clean. Considering that the swimming pool is one of the attractions of your property, it should always be clean. Here are some tips on how to maintaining your swimming pool quickly and cheaply:


Keep the Pool Water Clear

Pool water must be kept clear to avoid odor and contamination by bacteria and germs. Dirty and contaminated pool water will cause skin diseases for guests swimming in your property’s pool. To keep the water clear, you need to keep the chemical levels in the pool balanced. The way to determine the balance of chemical levels in the pool is with the PH and Cl Tests. Once the chemical level of the pool is known, you can use disinfectant drugs that can be used such as soda or chlorine. In addition, you also need to drain the pool water at least once every 2 weeks.


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Prevent Moss Growth

The presence of moss in the pool can disturb the view of your swimming pool because the pool water will look greenish. Moss will grow with the help of sunlight. Therefore, you can plant trees around the pool to prevent sunlight from entering and triggering moss to grow. In addition, you can also scrub and brush the pool walls to keep them clean from moss.


Use a Filter

A swimming pool filter separates dirt in your swimming pool to keep your pool water clear and clean. The filter can also clean moss and dirt that settles and is difficult to clean at the bottom of the pool. However, you still have to empty the basket on the filter so that the filter can continue to filter dirt from your pool.


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Remove the Scale on the Pool Walls

Scale on the pool wall comes from a pile of dirt, dust, and mud and can cause rust on the wall and create a dirty impression on your swimming pool. To remove the crust, you can brush the pool wall by cleaning the carbolic regularly, i.e., once a week.


Diligently Check the Water Surface

Sometimes, dirt, such as debris, garbage, or leaves, can get into your pool accidentally. You can clean the debris on the water surface by filtering the residue using a pool skimmer.


Cleaning a swimming pool requires skill and diligence, considering that you must regularly clean and maintaining the swimming pool. In addition, you may find it challenging to balance the chemical levels in your pool.


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To keep your swimming pool well-maintained, property management services can help you maintain and keep your pool clean. If you need property management services in Bali, you can contact us. Alterstay is a company that provides villa management services that aim to help your property business.


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