Property Type That Millennials Love!

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Property does have style companies in every era, including what is happening nowadays where young people or millennials usually want to manage their property by what they want. These are property type that millennials love:


  • Co-Living

Co-Living allows young people to reduce costs while still having many facilities that can still be used. This type is usually often referred to as “Kost” and because it is cheap it is usually occupied by students and those who are still pursuing careers. This type of property is suitable for reducing costs for millennials who live in cities while building community and socializing with other residents.


  • Apartment

Apartment is usually preferred by millennials who do have an urban lifestyle and also live in the middle of an urban area. This type of property is suitable for young people who still like to hang out with their friends and have access to facilities in urban areas. The thing that distinguishes between apartments and co-living is how the rooms are made much more private and make it easier for millennials to go anywhere.


property type that millennials love


  • Buy/Rent a House

Millennials tend to start thinking about buying property but don’t buy it right away for various reasons. Like it’s easy to change jobs or are looking for the right one. It is also clear that because a flexible lifestyle makes young people feel better, they should have their own home, regardless of buying or renting. Many young people also think that this is an investment.


Those are the recommendations for property types preferred by millennials. Maybe some of these types are suitable for you to start investing or have your residence. No need to worry because you can consult with Alterstay, trusted villa management in Bali. Only here.


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