Tips and Trick To Prevent Ceiling Leaks on Your Property

prevent ceiling leaks on property – Often we take the roof on our property lightly, even though the roof plays an important role in protecting and making the house much more comfortable. Here are ways to maintain or prevent ceiling leaks on your property:


  • Clean your roof regularly

It’s not only the garden that you have to clean and take care of every month. A roof is also necessary because sometimes your roof will be full of dry leaves, tree branches, or other things that might clog the drainage pipe on your roof. This method is the easiest way to prevent your roof from leaking and water from overflowing and entering your home.


  • Replace your roof that is not feasible

Your roof is one of the parts of your house most susceptible to damage because it is often exposed to extreme weather changes. Therefore, take the time once a month or once every two months to check your roof and replace the damaged one with a better one.


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  • Coat the roof with waterproof liquid

The way to deal with leaks that is usually done is to coat the roof with waterproof liquid which is usually used for various surfaces such as roofs. It does take effort and money, but this waterproof liquid can help you get better roof protection than leaks.


That’s how to prevent ceiling leaks on your property, of course with a little more effort it can help you prevent unpleasant things in the future. Don’t forget to immediately pay attention to the roof of your property, if you want to consult about property, you can entrust it to Alterstay, property management in Bali.


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