Tourist in Bali Monthly Report – April 2023 Edition: Find Out Here!

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In April itself in Bali, there was an increase in the number of tourist visits to Bali. This increase can be compared to March, when the number of tourist visits to Bali rose 11.01 percent from the previous 370,695 visits in March, up to 411,510 visits in April 2023.


Tourist visit to Bali: March-April 2023 Comparation

This increase clearly makes the most number of tourists coming to Bali in 2023 in April because in the previous months in 2023, the number of tourists started only from the 300,000s, and this most significant increase is also a clear sign that tourism in Bali it is back to normal compared to last year where there are still COVID-19 problems that are still haunting.

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Foreign Tourist Arrival to Bali: Top Countries

There are five countries with the highest number of foreign tourist arrivals to Bali for April 2023, namely:
Australia = 102,737
India = 35,854
China = 24.783
England = 24.018
United States = 22,247


This condition also clearly improves the Room Occupancy Rate for star-rated hotels by 44.31 percent, an increase of around 4.30 percent compared to last month. According to recorded data, tourists’ length of stay reached 2.55 days. But there is a reduction in non-star hotels where the average length of stay at non-star hotels fell 0.10 points compared to March.


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This data report shows that there is indeed an increase in tourists in Bali every time and shows positive developments. Therefore, the positive impact you can make for this increase in tourists is to make various types of investments, especially for the property investment itself.


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Source : Badan Pusat Statistika Bali

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