Tourist in Bali Monthly Report – May 2023 Edition: Find Out Here!

tourism in bali may 2023

As time goes by and the world economy recovers after the Covid-19 period ends, there are also changes that are felt by people around the world. Bali itself is no exception, where in May 2023, there was an increase in the number of tourist visits to Bali from the previous month.


Tourist visit to Bali: April-May 2023 Comparation

This increase can be seen from the change from the previous month. In April, the number of tourist visits was at 411,510 and this figure increased until May 2023 itself, the number of tourist visits was at 439,475. The increase can be seen in the illustration below in more detail.


tourist visit in bali


Foreign Tourist Arrival to Bali: Top Countries

This increase clearly again provides an opportunity for Bali to prove that tourists coming to Bali always increase in number compared to the following month and make the month of May again a new record as the month with the highest number of foreign tourist visits throughout 2023. Below are 5 countries with the highest number most guest arrivals to Bali in 2023 in May:


Australia: 106,641
India: 48,300
China: 23,530
United States: 23,512
England: 23,272


The increase in tourists also had an impact on the occupancy rate of star-rated and non-starred hotel rooms. Whereas in the previous month, it was 44.31% to 47.30% in May 2023. The occupancy rate for non-star hotels also increased by 1.29 percent from the previous month to 29.37%. The average length of stay of guests also increased to 2.29 days for non-star hotels.


property management bali


The data that provides evidence of this positive increase shows that tourism in Bali is always increasing every month so the potential for increasing tourism in Bali is clear. And also, the increasing number of tourists always occurs and is suitable for those of you who want to make any investment in Bali. This also come as an advantage for you who are looking to investing a property in Bali.


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Source : Badan Pusat Statistika Bali

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