What To Do in Ubud Festival Bali 2023! (Live Report)

ubud festival 2023

Alterstay.coUbud Festival Bali is indeed being discussed because it will be held soon. The Ubud Festival, also known as the Ubud Food Festival 2023, provides many attractions for you to visit. Here are things you can do at the Ubud Festival Bali 2023.


Attend Culinary Theatre

Of course, because the name is Ubud Food Festival, various kinds of food will be served, and they are from different regions in Indonesia. In this Culinary Theater, you can even taste food from talented chefs in Indonesia and food as well as every food available.


Live Music and Art

Of course, a festival will only be complete with music from various Balinese performances. Most Balinese people look forward to live music and art, and here you will see multiple kinds of Bali’s most talented young musicians. The excitement about live music is that it is also done when the sun is about to set, and the atmosphere at night usually gives a feeling more in touch with exploring music and art.


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Food Discussion

This food discussion aims to start various related stories, exchange ideas and work together regarding the culinary industry’s sustainability in Bali and Indonesia. In this discussion, of course, you can start a conversation and provide interesting insights on handling food.


You can do those things when visiting the Ubud Festival Bali 2023. Remember to invite your friends to visit the Ubud Food Festival. You don’t need to worry about where you will stay in Ubud because Alterstay is one of the best bali villa rental company, and you get your place to stay in Ubud directly at a price that is worth it only here.

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