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Let’s reinvent the new way to solve complex challenge in the hospitality industry.

Experience a work culture where respect and encouragement for creativity are key

Alterstay Supportive Team

Mutual respect

Understanding each other’s struggles and valuing everyone’s time. Real connections are always reliable.

Winner mentality

Failing is the start of learning and improving. The journey is something to savor, not endure.

Be a better version of you

Nobody is ever perfect. Embrace the real you. And always be excited for the better version of you.

Seek to understand and respond quickly

Listen, empathize each other’s struggle. and respect each other’s time. It’s a way to be helpful with agility.

Go far and strong together, not fast but alone

By working hard and supporting each other, we get closer to achieving our goals.

Keep exploring
to challenge yourself

If it’s not expensive, immoral, unethical, and illegal – Just do it! Learn, unlearn, relearn.

Alterstay Dedicated Team

Recruitment Process

We don’t like to keep your future in the dark.


Online application

Submit your updated resume that best describes your skills, interests, and personality to our official talent pool partners.


HR interview and psychological test

It takes two to tango. We’re interested to get to know you better and we hope you to us.


Technical test

We may give you a take-home task to assess your knowledge and superpowers.


User interview

Vibe check with your future team member. Discuss your technical test and find out how compatible you are with the team.



The role is yours! Sign your offering letter and you are officially a part of Alterstay.

Alterstay team
Alterstay team
Alterstay team
Alterstay team

At Alterstay, every idea and creativity is celebrated! We prioritize mutual respect and accountability, ensuring every individual not only thrives in a supportive atmosphere but also feels empowered to innovate and excel.

Fostering diversity, inclusion , accountability, and creativity.

Start doing the things that fulfills you and express your capability