Maximize Returns, Minimize Efforts.

Whether you’re just getting started or actively managing your property, Alterstay's consulting services can streamline the process.

Less Worry, Better Results

We optimize the day-to-day
operations and cost control,
ensuring you are in safe hands.

Accelerate Your Business

Our strategic system is generated to give long-term solutions and do more.

Improved Revenue

We believe that fortune lies by bringing values, not extracting them.

One-Stop Solution in Property Investment

We are partners, beyond transactional

Our goal is to align ourselves with your success. Whatever you need, we automate and streamline it.

Passive Income

The property should make money for you without having you to do mundane work.

Positive Cashflow

If your property is profitable, but there’s not enough money to pay the bills, it’s likely to fail.

High ROI

Enjoy the benefits of passive income and financial stability of your growing business.

Transparency is priority

Every data, financial, communication, and, operations are handled with full visibility, clarity and precision.

Standardisation and consistency

We’re always raising the bar for our quality and efficiency standards so that you can sleep well.

Alterstay is trusted with 50+ property brands and 2,000+ monthly guests.

Balancing profitability, operational, and guest experience are the struggles to tackle for sustainable business ⏤ and we get it.


Property brands


Active OTA partners


Average property ratings


Average occupancy

Increase overall efficiency. Reduce liability. Save time and energy.

The challenges in property investment and management.

Bali: The Most Promising Tourism Investment Area.

Did you know that Bali is not only known as tourists’ favorite destination? It is also known as a perfect place that creates a great start to establishing your hospitality business. How is that possible?
Let’s learn more from Henry Setiono, an experienced entrepreneur in the hospitality industry who owns the renowned Pelangi148 Beach Suites among other properties.

Your property deserves better.
Better value. More security. Less hassle.

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