Tips and Trick for a Backpacker in Bali

tips for backpacker in bali – For those of you who like to travel and prefer to backpack alone, of course, you don’t want to have trouble on your way. If in your plans, you want to go to Bali for this trip, here are tips and tricks for a backpacker in Bali that can be useful for you […]

3 Unique Hostel in Bali

unique hostel in bali – If you are the type of person who likes to travel on a budget, of course, hostels might be one of your choices. Here are some unique hostel in Bali that can be your choice when visiting the island of the gods:   The Farm Hostel Location : Jl. Batu Bolong Beach No. […]

3 Recommendation Eco-Friendly Hotel in Bali

eco friendly hotel in bali – Bali of course has a variety of hotels that you can enjoy, of course with the fierce competition there are various concepts that these hotels carry to make them look more attractive. One of them is the eco-friendly concept, here are recommendations for eco-friendly hotel in Bali that you can visit:   Sarinbuana […]

3 Public Transportation in Bali To Help You Out!

public transportation in bali – Bali is still one of the destinations for tourists, but sometimes tourists are confused about what means of transportation to get around in Bali. The following is public transportation that you can use when visiting Bali:   Trans Metro Dewata Buses If you want to go around Denpasar, Tabanan, or areas that are […]

3 Recommendations Vegetarian Cafe in Bali

vegetarian cafe in bali – If you are a vegetarian or vegan, sometimes finding a place to hang out or eat can be difficult, especially if you are visiting other areas for a vacation. The following are recommendations for vegetarian cafe in Bali that you can visit without worrying anymore:   Pels Supershop Open : Everyday (10.00 AM […]

3 Cafe Pet Friendly in Bali (2023)

pet friendly cafe in bali – If you have pets and like to hang out in fun cafes, sometimes it’s hard to find cafes that are pet friendly. No need to worry, here are some pet-friendly cafe in Bali that you can try:   Mora Bali Location: Jl. Subak Sari Barat no. 18B Berawa, Canggu Bali.   If you […]

3 Best Mountain Climbing in Bali (2023)

best mountain climbing in bali – if you are a nature lover, of course Bali can be one of the places for you to visit because there are many mountains in Bali that are still beautiful and can be used as a place to climb. The following are best mountain to climbing when you are in Bali:   Mount […]

Place to Visit: Atlas Beach Fest

atlas beach fest – Bali is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. With more than 20 beaches, Bali’s a perfect destination for those who love the breezing air of the beach that relaxes the soul, and the freshwater helps the mind be serene. Not to mention the beauty of the sunrise or […]

Alterstay One-Day Seminyak Guide (2023)

seminyak travel guide 2023 – When you come to Bali, one of the most talked about destinations is Seminyak. Seminyak has a variety of attractions or things that can make you enjoy your own vacation, here is an Alterstay One-Day Seminyak Guide in 2023 that can help you manage your time during the day while in Seminyak:   […]

Tips and Tricks Choosing Villa in Bali!

choosing villa in bali – There are various types of villas in Bali that offer you various kinds of facilities that you like. Of course, with the many facilities that you get, you should be able to choosing villa in Bali and which villa suits your needs. Follow this guide to get the best Bali villa during your […]