3 Must Visit Destinations in Bali! (June 2023)

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Alterstay.co – When visiting Bali, there are many exciting tourist destinations in Bali to visit. For those of you who have plans to come to Bali, take advantage of these must-visit desstinations in Bali for an anti-mainstream experience!


1. Gunung Kawi Temple

This temple in Gianyar can be a tourist destination because you will see a panorama with a unique and beautifully engraved view of the face of a rock cliff in Bali. Not only that, but you can also see the Pakerisan River flowing through a temple called Tirta Empul. So remember to bring a camera, because you can capture beautiful moments when you visit here.


2. Tirta Gangga Water Palace

This place was formerly known as the water palace from the Karangasem, which was built in 1946. Tirta Gangga means Holy Water, and Gangga is adapted from the river in India. This Water Palace has many ponds, statues, and plantation areas. You may also feel the coolness in this place because of its location close to Mount Agung.


beach in nusa dua


3. Gunung Payung Beach

Of course, going to Bali without visiting Gunung Payung Beach in Nusa Dua seems like you don’t really go to Bali. This beach is one of the hidden gems in Bali because the atmosphere is still quiet and, of course, far from the crowds, you can surf or try snorkeling. Uniquely, you can even witness and greet the seaweed farmers who work on the beach.


Those are the must-visit destinations in Bali that you can try. You also don’t need to be confused about where to stay when you visit this destination because Alterstay is Bali property management service that can help you to get where to stay close to the destinations you want to visit. Visit our website for more information.


Our recommendations below might be suitable for those of you who like outdoor activities and are looking for a new atmosphere during your vacation in Bali:


See you in Bali!

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