Alterstay One-Day Nusa Dua Guide (2023)

nusa dua travel guide 2023 – If you are willing to come to Bali, of course, one of the destinations that many people know is Nusa Dua. Alterstay itself has its guide for those of you who come to Bali and are confused about what to do and also to which destinations are not anti-mainstream. Here are our one-day nusa dua guide for you in 2023.


Place to Stay: Inara Villa

Inara Villa is one of the villas located in Nusa Dua and can be said to be one of the villas with a beautiful atmosphere and is also suitable when you want a romantic or family-friendly place. Apart from that, Inara Villa offers a location far from the crowds so you can feel for yourself how you can feel healing while in Bali.


villa in nusa dua bali


In addition, when you come with your partner, you don’t need to worry about the activities you can do while at the Villa, because Inara Villa also offers a private swimming pool which is large enough for you to use. With prices starting from IDR 1,800,000 only, you can enjoy this two-bedroom villa and feel how this villa pampers you.


Brunch at Secret Cafe

Of course for Brunch or Breakfast-lunch, you have to at least leave the Villa to feel the atmosphere in Bali itself. Alterstay recommends that you can try to come to the Secret Cafe where the Secret Cafe is on Jalan Siligita No.9 and you can easily find it on Maps. The location from your villa to Secret Cafe is not that far, only 10 minutes from Inara Villa by car.


There are many menu choices at Secret Cafe, but what visitors like the most is the Sandwich menu, which is set at IDR. 40,000 only, you will get an American-style breakfast. Besides that, what you must try when you visit here is the coffee, because the coffee is one of the things that attract the most attention of visitors when they come to this cafe.


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(Source : Bali National Golf Club)


Playing Golf at Bali National Golf Club

If after brunch you are confused about what activities you want to spend with your partner, you can try playing golf at the Bali National Golf Club where even to play the Bali National Golf Club has provided a price list for those of you who want to come to play golf. The price of the Golf itself depends on the golf rates you choose, such as 3 Round Pass, 18 Holes, and Sundowner. You don’t need to worry about the clothes you can wear when playing because the Bali National Golf Club has also prepared several items that you can rent. This place is also located only 2 minutes from Secret Cafe.


Playing at Pura Geger Beach

After you spend your time from 1 to 3 o’clock at the Bali National Golf Club, you can try to come to enjoy the evening atmosphere and wait for the sunset too at Geger Beach Temple which is located only 5 minutes from your Bali National Golf Club. The atmosphere at Pura Geger Beach is usually quite uncrowded, different from beaches which are usually in the Kuta area, so you won’t feel bored with the beach atmosphere which is still very awake and also full of bluish colors which are suitable for those of you who want to sunbathe on this beach.


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Dinner at Tanah Liat Restaurant

After you enjoy the sunset with your partner or family, what you can include on your list is by having dinner at a Tanah Liat Bali restaurant, which is only 10 minutes from Pura Geger Beach. In this restaurant, you can taste various kinds of dishes that are suitable for you to eat, one of which is seafood dishes and you can try them from IDR 240,000 for the main course.


Party at Reef Beach Club

When you have eaten your dinner, all you can do is try to go back to the party, where this party will release your fatigue. But here too you can just chill because at the Reef Beach Club there is often live music that can accompany your evening snacks with your partner or family. No need to worry too because Reef Beach Club is also basically a family-friendly beach club and is located right beside the beach. It is also not far from the Tanah Liat restaurant, only about 12 minutes.


Thus the Alterstay Guide for the Nusa Dua area in 2023 that you can try with your family or with your partner. For further information and even questions regarding suitable accommodation for your partner or family, you can directly contact Alterstay, which is property management in Bali here.

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