Best Beach To Surfing in Bali

best beach in bali – Known as a surfer’s paradise, Bali is the right place for anyone who wants to try surfing. The famous beaches in Bali are clean and have beautiful waves, clearly attracting surfers from various countries. The following are the best beach to surfing in Bali.


Padang Padang Beach

This beach can be said to be more beginner friendly for anyone who wants to try surfing. This beach is also consistent with the waves regardless of the season you come. If you are unsure who you want to surf with on this beach, there are local surf coaches who can help you and provide reasonable prices for you to try. The natural beauty of this beach is even included in the movie ‘Eat Pray Love’, very interesting, isn’t it?


Uluwatu Beach

This beach is already famous for its sand and high cliffs, so when you go to this beach, don’t be surprised or surprised if you have to go down various kinds of stairs to get to the beach. Unfortunately, this beach can be suitable for more professional surfers, but you don’t need to worry, you can also just hang out and chill on this beach because there are many cafes available beside the high cliffs beside the beach and watch the sunset with your own eyes.


best surfing spot in bali


Medewi Beach

This beach is located on the western tip of Bali and is located 3 hours from Denpasar. This beach is said to be the best surf point in Bali and attracts a wide variety of local and international tourists. For those of you who want a beach with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, this beach is more appropriate and suitable for you. This beach does have a few different kinds of rocks but don’t get me wrong that is the attraction of Medewi Beach itself and feel the Bali life that you dream of.


Those are the beach recommendations in Bali for those of you who come to Bali to try surfing, no need to worry because these beaches have their beauty. Plan your vacation when visiting Bali by choosing accommodations according to the tourist attractions you want through Alterstay, property management in Bali. Get low prices for your accommodations, here.


If you plan to surf and try the natural waves in Bali, you can also try visiting the following beaches:

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