Best Beach to Try Diving in Bali

diving spots in bali – Bali has beautiful biodiversity, one of which is an underwater charm, and provides beauty for anyone who takes the time to see it. So it’s only natural that Bali is used as a destination for diving activities for anyone who wants to see the beauty under the sea, below are recommendations for best beach for diving in Bali that you can visit:


Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is indeed very famous for those of you who want to feel the beauty of the beach and including underwater beauty, one of which is the underwater beauty which is located under the Crystal Bay Sea, Nusa Penida. If you try diving around this beach you will meet sunfish if you are lucky. The best season for you to visit Crystal Bay is July to September because at that time the clarity of the water under the sea is more stable and you can see up to 40 meters away.


best beach for diving in bali


Secret Bay, Gilimanuk

If you want to dive into Bali and see for yourself how unique the species are, you can try visiting Secret Bay in Gilimanuk, where this spot is famous for muck diving, where muck diving is diving in waters that consist mostly of sand, dust, or debris from coral reefs. You also don’t need to bother looking for a good season for your dividing here, because the best season for diving in Secret Bay Gilimanuk is every day throughout the year.


The Wall, Amed

Amed is one of the famous diving destinations for both foreign and foreign tourists. This place is suitable for those of you who are scuba divers and visit various kinds of shores in this place. For those of you who dive in this area, you will see various kinds of marine animals such as mantis shrimp and various types of sea slugs. Please come at any time because the beauty of Amed is not limited to any season in Indonesia, make sure only the sea you go to is calm and safe.


Thus the information regarding the best beach for diving in Bali and enjoy the beauty of the underwater beaches in Bali. Don’t forget to plan your vacation with Alterstay, property management in Bali. Consult your needs here.

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