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Alterstay.co – Bali is indeed famous for its vibrant culture; therefore, this is often the main attraction for tourists from abroad. One of the rich cultures in Bali might be the festival itself. Here are three culture festival in Bali that you must visit when visiting Bali.


Bali Kite Festival

For those of you who don’t know what a kite is, a kite is a piece of woven bamboo that is usually combined with plastic or cloth so that it can fly, while these kites have various shapes and sizes. Small children typically play with these kites, but because of the high enthusiasm of local residents and visitors from outside the area, these kites are often contested and have become one of the biggest kite festivals in Bali, which are held every mid-August.


Ogoh-Ogoh Festival

This festival is usually carried out the day before Nyepi, a Hindu holiday. The Ioni Festival is arguably the most attention-grabbing because this festival displays the creativity of the local population, which is usually represented in a banjar by making a statue out of cork which has various shapes and has its theme then how to display these statues by lifting them up by a lot of people.


famous festival in bali


Balinese Cultural Festival

One of the festivals held almost every year by the Balinese government is the Balinese cultural festival (a.k.a Pesta Kesenian Bali) which started in 1979. This festival also aims to show various kinds of Balinese culture, including dance, handicrafts, music, and different other kinds. This festival is also a blend of multiple cultures of people from various regions in Bali. The cool thing is that this festival is often held within a month and in different areas of Bali.


Those are the culture festival in Bali that you must visit when visiting Bali, don’t need to worry when you visit Bali and choose a place to stay close to this festival because Alterstay can be entrusted with this matter. This is because Alterstay is one of the property management in Bali that you can trust and provide bali villa rental. Check it here!


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