3 Extreme Attractions in Bali That You Have To Try!

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Alterstay.co – Bali is not just a place to find interesting spots and also a place to learn about culture. Precisely Bali can also be a suitable place to trigger adrenaline through the various kinds of rides below. Interested in trying? These are some of extreme attractions in Bali that might got your attentions:


Rappelling in Waterfalls

For those of you who don’t know what rappelling is, rappelling is wall climbing where you can go up and down the slopes of a waterfall using a rope while feeling the swiftness of the waterfall falling on your body. This invites your adrenaline because you have to be able to go down very slippery and steep terrain. One of the waterfalls in Bali that you can try is the Git Git waterfall and feel the sensation of a different experience.


5GX Reverse Bungy Rides

One of the extreme rides that you can try in Bali is the 5GX reverse bungy and this is suitable for those of you who like adrenaline rides but are lazy to get tired and spend your energy. This vehicle only requires you to sit down and you will be thrown 50 meters into the sky and feel your sensation rising and falling at high speed. Don’t worry, this vehicle also has good security and you will always be accompanied by officers when playing with this vehicle.


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For those of you who want to feel a new atmosphere when in the water, of course, you feel the beauty of flying above the surface of the water. One of these achievements is called flyboarding, where you will be made to fly and make turns over the sea with a tool attached to your feet. Feel the water gush above sea level reaching more than 15 meters and the time usually given is 20 minutes.


Those are the recommendations for 3 extreme attractions that you can try when you visit Bali, feel the adrenaline that races your heart, and have an extraordinary experience. Don’t forget when you come to Bali, make sure you have chosen a trusted accommodation, you can try it by entrusting Alterstay, your property management in Bali, only in here.


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