4 Family Friendly Beach Club in Bali (2023)

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Alterstay.co – Apart from the charm of its culture, of course, Balai has an atmosphere that makes anyone feel at home for a long time in Bali, like how there is a concept of relaxation even at the existing beach club. However, if you come with a large family and bring small children, you don’t need to hesitate or be confused because there is a family-friendly beach club in Bali.


  • Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club is located in Seminyak and this beach club can be one of your mandatory destinations if you come with a large family. This beach club has many things that you can try, such as a swimming pool for adults and even for babies and also a restaurant. If you come with small children there are group activities you can try such as building bamboo kites and even planting coconuts.


  • Cafe Del Mar Bali

The cafe, which originally came from Ibiza, is now back open in Canggu, Bali. This beach club provides daybeds that can be enjoyed by families such as parents and children because there is a swimming pool close to the beach so its charm certainly attracts anyone to join in swimming. Not only that but there is also a restaurant in this beach club where there are various kinds of food that are no less delicious for you to enjoy with your family.


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  • Sundays Beach Club

If you are looking for a beach club that is close to the beach and of course comfortable for your family you can try Sundays beach club because this beach club is close to the cliffs on the beach, to access it you are also required to ride an inclinator which is an exciting thing for small children. Not only that, but Sundays Beach Club also has watersports that you can try with your children, such as kayaking and stand-up paddling.


  • Atlas Beach Fest

Another beach club that you can try is Atlas Beach Fest, where at Atlas Beach you can bring your children, there is even a provision for free entry for children under 120 cm. Try to come with your children before 7 PM because the beach fest on the dance floor is intended for adults. If you visit the Atlas Beach Club, you can enjoy a variety of delicious foods, complemented by stunning beach views.


That’s a family-friendly beach club in Bali for you to visit when you go to Bali, remember if you come, you can reserve the place in advance so that it’s easier to get a place that is certainly comfortable for you. If you visit Bali and are interested in staying at a place that is not far from the beach club, you can entrust it to Alterstay, which is one of the best Bali villa rentals, only here.


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