Place to Visit: Lovina Beach Bali

dolphin beach in bali – We all know most people choose the beach as their tourist destination, and that’s understandable. Being close to the sea and feeling the warm breeze will soothe your mind and soul. Also, the beach can be a medium that strengthens family, friendship or lover ties. As you probably know,  there are lots of beaches in Bali that you can visit. You may have heard about Lovina Beach Bali in Singaraja. One possible reason why Lovina Beach is named after Lovina is that you’re gonna love this beach. Like, WE MEAN IT.


What makes us fall in love with Lovina Beach Bali?

It’s more than just a beach. You can snorkel, go fishing, and even see hundreds of dolphins in Lovina.


Yes, you read it right. You’re going to the middle of the sea and seeing the dolphins doing some attractions up close. You will also see the dolphin statue right at the entrance. The dolphins will reveal themselves mostly in the morning, around  6 am to 9 am, so don’t sleep too late, or you’ll miss the chance to see the dolphins.


But obviously, you will need a boat to get there. You will be charged  Rp.150.000,00 or $3.8 per person to rent the boat (and get breakfast) to the middle of the sea. A single boat can carry up to 3 people, so you can tag your friends along the adventure to find the dolphins. You’ll be given about 2 hours to see the dolphins.


What about the other Activities?

The beauty of the sea can also be seen through snorkeling. You can see colorful fish and coral reefs surrounding the sea floor. The snorkeling equipment is available to rent for only Rp.60.000,00 or $3.83 per person. The best time to do snorkeling is when the sky is still clear and the sun shines into the sea so the fish and the coral reefs can be seen clearly. Delectable photos or videos in the gorgeous sea of Lovina Beach can also be taken while you do snorkeling. If you rent a boat, you can go fishing in the sea.


lovina beach singaraja


Like other beaches, you can get doses of vitamin D by sunbathing and vitamin C-ea at Lovina Beach. Some people may be seen running leisurely, playing beach soccer, or enjoying live music.


Do I Have to Pay for the Entrance Ticket?

Lovina Beach is basically everyone’s beach. There are no entrance tickets, and anyone from various countries can visit this beach every day since it’s open 24 hours. Remember, since it’s free, you must face the fact that the beach will often be crowded with people. Make sure you choose the best month to go to Lovina Beach.


villa near lovina beach


Since you have to go as early as possible to see the dolphins, choosing the nearest and the most comfortable villa is a must.


Going to Lovina Beach with your friends or family might be a pleasant experience, so we recommend staying at The Ning, a villa that offers an exotic and blissful atmosphere. The Ning is about 26.5km away from Lovina Beach. It is a private villa with 5 bedrooms, so you can bring your friends or family to spend quality time together without worrying about the capacity.


villa in north bali


The Ning also has a private pool for you and your loved one to swim and relax with a pretty view.


villa recommendations in bali


The Ning Beach Front & Villas

Jl. Raya Air Sanih No.16, Bukti, Kec. Kubutambahan, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81172


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