3 Public Transportation in Bali To Help You Out!

public transportation in bali

Alterstay.co – Bali is still one of the destinations for tourists, but sometimes tourists are confused about what means of transportation to get around in Bali. The following is public transportation that you can use when visiting Bali:


  • Trans Metro Dewata Buses

If you want to go around Denpasar, Tabanan, or areas that are not too far away but with a different atmosphere, you can try taking this bus. How to get on this bus is also very easy where you are only asked to download the Bus Friends application and also prepare an electronic money card. Buses usually also come every 10 to 15 minutes. The departure of this bus starts at 4.30 until the last at 20.30


  • Rent a Motorbike or Car

In fact, Bali has various motorbike rental places without the hassle, you can even find this vehicle rental and start booking from when you are at the airport. The price that is usually set for the motorbike itself is usually IDR 50,000 per day but for the car, it is IDR 150,000-300,000 depending on the type of vehicle. Of course, the advantage of renting a car or motorbike is that you can enjoy the beauty of Bali on your own without worrying about the time of departure or the completion of public transportation in Bali.


villa recommendations in bali


  • Taxi

Taxis are still a popular choice for those of you who want to go around Bali with an atmosphere that is of course cool and fast, besides that usually taxi drivers know how to go fast in the Bali area to reach your destination. Regarding the price itself, it actually depends on the distance to your destination. If you come with your family, maybe this is the right choice because this transportation is also easy and can fit many people in an efficient time.


That’s the public transportation that you can try while in Bali, choose according to your wishes and comfort. But if you don’t want to be complicated, you can try entrusting it to Alterstay as villa management in Bali with all the facilities that support your lodging and your needs in Bali. For more information, you can read here.


If you are on holiday in Bali, these villas could be your options to stay:

  1. Gioheven Villa
  2. Gom’s Villa
  3. Kopi Villa
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