3 Recommendation Eco-Friendly Hotel in Bali

eco friendly hotel in bali

Alterstay.co – Bali of course has a variety of hotels that you can enjoy, of course with the fierce competition there are various concepts that these hotels carry to make them look more attractive. One of them is the eco-friendly concept, here are recommendations for eco-friendly hotel in Bali that you can visit:


  • Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

This hotel is indeed not located in the tourist center of Bali, but this is precisely what causes this place to be known as very beautiful and also shady and charming, suitable for those of you who want peace and comfort. What’s unique about this hotel is that sustainability is the main thing, such as the existence of water-efficient toilets and even how this hotel is dedicated to reducing the impact of environmental damage. Don’t worry if you and your family stay at this hotel because there are various kinds of activities and classes that you can try.


  • Kayon Jungle Resort Bali

This one resort is one of the best eco-friendly resorts in Bali, even what is used comes from natural and local materials as well as electricity that is used using sunlight to be used as electricity. Apart from that, you will also be facilitated by a large room with natural wood and bamboo to add to the natural impression that you want.


villa recommendation in bali


  • Alila Manggis

The next eco-friendly hotel is Alila Manggis where Alila Manggis is one of the hotels that has easy access for those of you who like the forest and beach atmosphere. What’s unique about this hotel is that it still has Balinese design elements that help you feel the atmosphere in Bali while still prioritizing culture and nature. In addition, there are various kinds of facilities that you can enjoy, ranging from swimming pools and even restaurants with five-star cuisine.


Those are the recommendations for eco-friendly hotel in Bali that you can try to visit, of course, you will get different feelings and sensations when you stay at these hotels. If you are going to visit Bali, also try to immediately find the best accommodation, one of which is by entrusting it to Alterstay, villa management in Bali.


Here are recommended villas that could be your option while staying in Bali:

  1. Lokka Villa
  2. Coco Ville
  3. Lealands Villa
  4. Velz Villa
  5. Villa Aster
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