4 Recommendations Local Food in Bali

local food in bali

Alterstay.co – Apart from the beauty related to the island and its culture, Bali has a million reasons why tourists or tourists come to Bali itself. One of them is the culinary itself, in Bali various kinds of local food can give you an authentic taste that you won’t get anywhere else. Here are 4 local food recommendations in Bali that you can try:


  • Balinese Satay

Sate or what is known as satay usually comes from meat which is cut into small pieces then given an authentic sauce and then grilled. Of course, satay in Bali is famous because it usually comes from fish, pork, or beef, it all depends on your preference. One of the satays that you can try is called plecing satay where this satay is covered with plecing seasoning which consists of shrimp paste, and tomatoes. No need to worry, you can get this satay with prices starting from IDR. 18,000.00 only.


  • Balinese Mixed Rice

Balinese mixed rice is one of the dishes that is loved by local and foreign tourists, this is not surprising because this rice has a unique spicy taste but is addictive. Inside the mixed rice itself, there are various kinds of side dishes that you can choose from yourself, but what is certain is that this mixed rice consists of rice, fish satay, Betutu chicken, mixed vegetables, and also sambal Matah. The price is also not expensive, you can try it starting from IDR 20,000, as served by Warung Nasi Bali Bu Ketut Nari.


balinese local food


  • Babi Guling

Babi Guling is one dish that serves pork with an interesting taste. Babi Guling is pork cooked by rolling it while it is grilled. Of course, you can find Babi Guling in various stalls in Bali, and is a food that you can try in Bali. If you visit Bali, the price of Babi Guling also depends on the portion you buy, but all the money you spend to eat Babi Guling is worth the price!


  • Rujak

Bali itself has a way of processing fruits and making it a popular dish to try. If you intend to come to Bali, Rujak is a food that you must taste because it gives a unique and fresh taste. Bali has various types of rujak, starting from rujak kuah pindang which comes from boiled water of boiled pindang fish, and rujak bulung which is a salad made from real seaweed.


The food above is local food in Bali which is of course interesting for you to try because it gives a new taste to anyone who is trying it for the first time. If you want to try it, there’s nothing wrong with choosing accommodation that is close to the stalls selling the food, you can even entrust it directly to Alterstay, property management in Bali, and experience the hospitality for yourself that can help you get whatever you want in Bali. More information is here.


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