3 Recommendations Activities And Outdoor Escapes in Bali

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Alterstay.co – Visiting Bali with your family is of course a fun thing, but sometimes you are confused about what activities to do with your family in Bali. The following are recommendations for outdoor activities in Bali that you can try:


Meet Unique Animals in Bali

Bali has a lot of charm in its natural environment, various animals certainly exist in Indonesia that cannot be seen in other regions of the world. Bali also has a variety of places where you can try to see these cute animals, starting from the monkey forest, Bali Zoo, and Bali safari parks. Besides you can see unique animals, and you can also see the types of plants and trees that grow there. forests in Bali, don’t forget to capture the moments that are there too.



When visiting Bali, there are various choices of rivers that you can visit too. Because there are multiple kinds of rivers, of course, one of the activities you can try is rafting. Usually, two rivers are used for rafting activities, starting from the Ayung River and Telaga Waja, please choose which place is more suitable for your rafting activities where the intended rafting activity is to be on a rubber boat and try to wade through it.


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Flying Over Bali Island

Want to fly over the island of Bali, you can try flying activities of course like Flyboarding, with the Flyboarding game you will fly above the water up to 5-15 meters. This action is interesting because you will be asked to wear shoes and be pushed with high-pressure water so you can celebrate the feeling of flying. Of course, you are required to be able to balance your body. Interested in trying?


Those are outdoor activities that you can try while in Bali. Immediately plan what you will do in Bali so that your time while in Bali can be maximized. If you don’t want to be complicated, you can entrust this matter to Alterstay, where all your vacation packages can be guaranteed because Alterstay is property management in Bali and also the best villa rental company in Bali. Interested in trying?

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