Planning a Romantic Honeymoon in Bali? Try These Exotic Places!

honeymoon in bali – Bali does have its charms and is often the main attraction for your honeymoon trip with your partner. Apart from the atmosphere that supports romantic feelings, there are many activities that you can do in hidden but beautiful places in Bali. This is an intimate and exotic place to visit while planning a romantic honeymoon in Bali.



Uluwatu is famous for its towering limestone cliffs but still provides a relaxed atmosphere. With the hot sun during the day and the sea that you can see directly, Uluwatu delivers a lot of beautiful atmosphere for those who want quality time with their partner. Just imagine the waves and wind from the coast enveloping you and your partner while talking together. Romantic, isn’t it?



Canggu is a place closer to a beach that is easier to reach than Uluwatu. Therefore, there are various kinds of attractions and physical activities you can do. Cycling romantically along the coast with your partner is one of them. During cycling, you will also visit some beautiful temples and caves and stop for a while.


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Nusa Penida Island

The romance of Bali cannot be separated from the island of Nusa Penida, which often provides attractions in the form of coral reefs and a romantic place for couples. Nusa Penida Island provides some places you must include on your honeymoon list. One of them is Crystal Bay, because it allows for various kinds of adventure activities, such as snorkeling and enjoying seafood on the island. After all, the beaches are clean and beautiful.


White Sand Beach

If you like taking pictures with your partner, the white sand beach is one that you can visit to avoid crowds during a photo shoot in Bali. On this beach, the waves are not too high and tend to be calmer. So, it is suitable for giving a bluish sea-style feel for your romantic honeymoon memento photos. This beach is ideal for couples who don’t like adventure and have to relax and enjoy time alone together.


Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is an island with a beauty suitable for your romantic atmosphere. This island has various kinds of natural beauty, such as large rocks, volcanoes, and even the beauty of the sea, which is still very well preserved. This beauty makes Menjangan Island an exotic and romantic place for your honeymoon in Bali.


Those are the recommendations for places in Bali that should be included in your romantic honeymoon plans. Apart from being easy to visit, these places will allow you to create beautiful memories with your partner. No need to worry about accommodation that suits you and your partner because you can trust Alterstay, villa rental company in Bali. Alterstay are ready to help you prepare for your romantic trip and get your honeymoon package only at Alterstay!

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