3 Soothing Services While Doing Spa In Bali

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Alterstay.co – Bali is indeed famous for a variety of fun activities, both those that trigger adrenaline and even as a place of healing with various kinds of relaxation that you can try. One way to enjoy relaxation in Bali itself is to do a spa. Here are some types of spas in Bali that you might try.


Spa by the River

If playing in Bali, of course you have to feel how the atmosphere is relaxed in several spots in Bali. One of them is in Ubud, how to feel a relaxed atmosphere in Ubud you can try by trying the spa in Ubud, one of the interesting spas is the spa on the riverbank which offers a relaxing spa atmosphere accompanied by river water around Ubud.


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Relax Spa with Elephants

Relaxation at a spa you may already be used to feeling outside the island of Bali, but there are spas in Bali that give a different feeling, one of the spas that offers a different feeling is by relaxing with elephants. Where in Bali itself you can try it at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge and enjoy how your massage session is with the elephants in the park.


Aquarian Therapy

This type of spa can be said to have a slightly different technique because it combines traditional massage with aromatherapy and reflexology and even uses a unique color pattern on the wall. If you go to Bali and intend to do therapy, you can try this therapy because you will also be introduced to local Balinese methods and of course, provide ideal health for you.


Those are the types of spas that you can try in Bali and of course, this will help you choose how to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in Bali. If you intend to come to Bali, you can entrust your vacation and relaxation plans to Alterstay, which is property management in Bali. Further information can be seen on this page.

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