Don’t Miss Out on These Three Traditional Activities in Bali!

traditional activities in bali – Of course, Bali is famous for its traditional activities and is full of unique customs. Therefore it is natural that many tourists from all over the region come to Bali to see traditional activities or just traditions in Bali. Here are 3 traditional activities in Bali that you shouldn’t miss!



Omed-omedan is one of the traditions in Bali which is carried out by young people in Bali which is carried out after the first day of the Nyepi celebration. The essence of the omed-omedan activity is a game of tug of war where groups of men and women have to pull and hug each other. The importance of this event is hug, kiss, flush and then pull. The purpose of this tradition is to strengthen the sense of care, compassion, and care among residents. Interesting right?


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This activity can be said more as a ceremony where this is a tradition that is usually carried out by Hindus in Bali. Melasti is meant to purify oneself before entering Nyepi day. Here people have to perform a ceremony by washing their face by touching the water as a symbol to get rid of the bad karma. Usually, melasti is done at Tirta Amerta or other water sources such as the seaside or lakes.



Nyepi is the most well-known Balinese tradition or custom because it clearly impacts all people in Bali itself. This Nyepi day is done for one day to hold back the passions and stay silent at home. The purpose of Nyepi is to create harmony and peace within each human being and for the Hindus themselves as a form of supplication by turning to God to be given peace and to gain self-balance in the universe.


Those are the recommendations for traditions in Bali, this tradition is still there today in Bali and you can find it close to the time it was carried out. If you have the desire to come to Bali and enjoy how the traditions in Bali are, you can get access to lodging that is close to the celebration of this tradition. Please visit Alterstay and get a valuable experience directly from the best villa rental company in Bali, only here.

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