Tips and Trick for a Backpacker in Bali

tips for backpacker in bali – For those of you who like to travel and prefer to backpack alone, of course, you don’t want to have trouble on your way. If in your plans, you want to go to Bali for this trip, here are tips and tricks for a backpacker in Bali that can be useful for you to use:


  • Do not bring many items

Of course, you have to prepare your things before traveling to Bali, choose clothes that are thin and easy to fold when you go to Bali. Prepare your items that are multifunctional such as swimming trunks but can also be your walking pants on the beach.


  • Look for lodging that is simple but comfortable

In Bali, it is famous for various kinds of hostels that can suit you, of course, the prices for these hostels are cheaper when compared to hotels or villas in Bali. If your accommodation is just for sleeping, you should just use a hostel that is cheap but close to various attractions for you to visit Bali.


villa for backpacker in bali


  • Use transportation at a low price

Bali itself already has a variety of transportation options that you can choose from, from buses to boats. If you want to travel anywhere, you can use and compare which transportation is cheaper. The key for backpackers is also to try to save on your expenses and make sure you have chosen a transportation option that you like and is also cheap.


  • Make your plans before you go to Bali

The point of being a backpacker is that you should already know which tour you want to go on, make sure you also estimate the tourist attractions you will visit whether there is an entry ticket or not.  Estimate the hours you travel and how long it will take you to get to the location to make it easier for you to find out which tourist object you most want to visit.


Those are the tips and tricks for those of you who want to be a backpacker in Bali. If you are an individual who doesn’t want to be complicated, you can try handing over your lodging accommodations to Alterstay, villa management in Bali because they don’t only provide villas but also co-living, of course, at prices that are still reasonable. You can check more detailed information here.


The following are some villa recommendations for those of you who want to travel to Bali:

  1. The Kamare
  2. Serenity Dancing Garden Bali
  3. Belle Astina Villa
  4. Villa Allegra
  5. Musa Canggu
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