Tips Vacation in Sanur (New 2023)

villa rental in bali – It’s not complete if you go to Bali but don’t visit one of the most trendy places in Bali, namely Sanur. Sanur is known for its various choices of beautiful beaches in Bali, here are tips when you visit Sanur, Bali on vacation:


Try Local Culinary

If you go to Sanur, try to enjoy various kinds of culinary delights in Sanur and of course taste the famous Nasi Campur in Bali. Nasi Campur which is usually found in Sanur is also usually different because it has various kinds of mixed crumbs which have an extraordinary taste. So, prepare your stomach to try these delicious foods in Sanur.


Shopping it’s a must!

Sanur has various kinds of markets and shopping centers that are suitable for you to visit. You can even think about what you want to shop for. The mall which is one of the most visited destinations is Arta Sedana Sanur because it is one of the biggest supermarkets in Sanur. If you’re looking for modern clothing, beauty treatments, play areas and all, it’s here.


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Buy Souvenirs Made In Bali

Sanur also has various kinds of markets to buy souvenirs in Bali because there are traditional markets that sell various Balinese arts. One of the things you can buy is how there are sandals that have floral motifs and attractive prices. Markets that are one of your mandatory destinations can be Sanur Beach Markets, Sindhu Beach Market, and Baruna Beach Market.


Find Instagrammable Spots in Sanur

One place that is very Instagrammable is Sanur Beach. Sanur Beach stretches for 8 kilometers and also has a panorama of very clean white sand, so it must be one of your favorite photo collections when visiting Bali. Make no mistake, on this beach there are various kinds of food that you can also try and buy to accompany your activities to see the sunset.


Those are the tips when you are on vacation to Sanur and don’t forget to look for suitable spots for you and your family. You don’t need to worry about lodging accommodations either, because Alterstay, a trusted property management company in Bali, has a solution for you. You can see more information here.


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