3 Unique Hostel in Bali

unique hostel in bali

Alterstay.co – If you are the type of person who likes to travel on a budget, of course, hostels might be one of your choices. Here are some unique hostel in Bali that can be your choice when visiting the island of the gods:


  • The Farm Hostel

Location : Jl. Batu Bolong Beach No. 29, Canggu, Bali.


This hostel was awarded as the best hostel in the world by Hostelworld. The facilities offered are of course not arbitrary because the area of ​​this hostel is surrounded by rice fields so anyone who stays here feels very comfortable. If you are an individual who likes to play in the pool, this hostel has a swimming pool that is enough for you to play in the water.


  • Nau Here Hostel

Location: Jl Patih Jelantik, Istana Kuta Galeria, Kuta Central Park VL 2 No.18 Kuta, Bali.


If your goal in Bali is to travel around Kuta, this one hostel could definitely be the wrong one or your destination because it is close to a variety of very interesting attractions and tourist spots. The design of this hostel can be said to be very simple with blue and Tosca colors giving you an atmosphere like your own home.


hostel recommendations in bali


  • Bread & Jam Hostel Bali

Location : Jl Sadasari Gang Kelapa, Kuta, Bali.


This one hostel is famous for its many Instagramable spots and is suitable for those who love to take pictures. With an industrialist theme, this hostel gives the impression of a clean and comfortable room. If you like to cook, of course, this hostel offers you very clean kitchen facilities. If you visit this hostel, don’t forget to taste their own jam products because they are very unique and of course, they can be one of the souvenirs for you to take home.


Those are the recommendations for unique hostel that you can try when you visit Bali, if you are a backpacker, of course, the hostels above can be the place for you to visit, but there are other options too because there are various choices of lodging in Bali that are cheap and also as comfortable as those offered by Alterstay, villa management in Bali. You can check more detailed information here.


The following are recommendation for villas that you might like while stay in Bali:

  1. Villa Kamboja
  2. Livi’s Dancing Garden
  3. Sarang Comfort Stay
  4. Villa de Camoes
  5. Villa Berlian
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