5 Villa Recommendation in Nusa Dua, Bali! (New 2023)

villa near nusa dua

Alterstay.co – When visiting Bali, it’s not complete if you don’t try various kinds of villa accommodations that are fun and provide a different experience. Here are five villa recommendation in Bali, specially in Nusa Dua that you can try!


1. Allegra Villa

This villa is located in Nusa Dua, which offers a modern and luxurious atmosphere that gives an impression of openness but is still aesthetic. This villa has two bedrooms, and you also don’t need to be confused if you want to swim in this villa because there is a swimming pool that is large enough to use.


2. Ashera Villa

This villa is suitable for those who want to stay close to the beach because this villa is only 15 minutes from Nusa Dua Beach. Equipped with wooden furniture, this villa will make you feel homey. Four people fit in this villa, and it has a swimming pool. Therefore, this villa is suitable for those who want to go anywhere without the hassle of finding transportation.


3. B’Sheika Villa

For those of you who come with a large family, you can try this villa because it has three rooms that fit six people and provides you and your family access to a private swimming pool. This villa is also filled with rock features that make you feel at home to take pictures anywhere in this villa.


villa recommendation near nusa dua


4. Initial Villas

For those of you who come with a small family, this place can be a solution because it provides accommodation that helps you recharge your mental and physical energy. With close residential colors of brown, black, and white, it gives a spacious and aesthetic impression.


5. Natura Guest House

This accommodation may be similar to a villa but falls into the Guest House category. Still located in Nusa Dua, those who want to stop near a crowded area can still visit this villa. For those visiting for work or looking for a place for office events in Nusa Dua, this guest house is suitable to live in.


Those are the villa recommendation in Nusa Dua that you can choose when you visit Bali. You don’t need to be confused about bookings either because you can visit the Alterstay page where they are offering villa with good price and service because they are one of the best villa management in Bali and go book your room today! And also, for you who are confused about where to go in Nusa Dua, you can read our special guide, here.


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