3 Watersport Activities in Bali That Are Worth The Price!

watersport in bali

Alterstay.co – Visiting Bali can be improved if you immediately do activities close to the beach and feel the sea water firsthand. Of course, swimming can feel normal, but now there is a solution to playing in the water on the beach with a new atmosphere, namely doing water sports. Here are watersport activities that you can do in Bali!


Jet Ski

This watersport activity may be familiar to you, but of course, you have never experienced it firsthand. Jet Skiing is one of the watersport activities that you can do like riding a motorcycle on the surface of the water. Besides that, because the seat of the jet ski can be shared by two people, of course, you can bring your partner. Don’t worry, when doing watersport activities in the form of jet skis you will be accompanied by experts so that your watersport activities will also be safe.


watersport activity in bali


Banana Boat

If you come to Bali with your extended family, then you don’t have to worry. Right now, some rides can provide excitement for all family members. One of them is participating in watersport activities, namely banana boats. Banana boats are one of the watersport activities that do not require any expert skills. All you need to do is sit on the boat and hold on to the ropes on your boat. This activity is kids friendly because it is safe to do, and before you get on the banana boat, you are welcome to use a life jacket on your body so there is no possibility of it being dangerous to your family.



This watersport activity gets you closer to the underwater, namely Seawalker. Seawalker is an activity of walking on the seabed where you will use an airtight helmet. But inside the helmet, you can still breathe. This activity will allow you to see fish and coral reefs on the seabed of Bali. Don’t worry, this sea walker is also friendly for those of you who can’t swim or dive. So, it’s safe for those of you who still want to see the sea view without worry.


Those are the watersport activities that you can do in Bali. Feel the sensation of playing in the sea with a new atmosphere. To make it easier for you to register for watersport activities in Bali, you can visit Alterstay. Besides being the best property management in Bali, Alterstay also provides entertainment services and fun activities in Bali. This might help you who want to visit Bali.

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