4 Recommendations Where to Stay in Canggu (June 2023)

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Alterstay.co – A place to stay is one of the must things for those of you who visit Bali. There are various recommendations for lodging places for those of you who visit Bali, ranging from hotels, hostels, villas, or just a halfway house so that you don’t choose the wrong place, here are recommendations for places to stay in one of Bali’s hits destinations, namely Canggu:


Four Leaf Villa

Villa Fourleaf is one of the villas close to Canggu and closes to everything you need. With a white theme and wood pattern this villa, it will give a minimalist and elegant impression to anyone who stays in it. The unique thing about this villa is that your bedroom is even placed on the 2nd floor like a mezzanine room but with an impression that is certainly luxurious and simple.


Asanaya Suites

For those of you who just want to find a simple place in Canggu for you to rest, you can try renting a room at Asanaya Suites because Asanaya Suites has 14 comfortable rooms for you to use when just sleeping. The advantage of staying in these suites is that you can walk to the beach because this inn is close to Echo Beach and also to various famous cafes in Bali such as Copenhagen, Balibuda, and Mimpi.


where to stay in canggu


Ayuna Suites

The next option for those of you who visit Canggu is you can try Ayuna Suites where in this inn there are 10 rooms that you can rent if you are looking for a place to rest that is not far from the famous cafes in Canggu and also not far from Berawa beach itself. Don’t worry, this inn also provides a swimming pool and dining area that can be shared with other staying friends, with this you will be able to get acquainted with your new friends in Bali.


Evening Rooms

The last recommendation is a night lodging where at night contains 12 tropical and also stylish rooms located in Canggu and close to the Berawa beach. This inn does look very simple, but the colors it offers, and the cool, tropical atmosphere is one of the places that you can feel the most when you stay at this place. Besides that, at night it is also close to famous cafes in Canggu such as Dough Darlings, Koloni, and Hungry Bird.


Those are the recommendations for villa in Canggu and maybe you can refer to staying overnight when you visit Bali. However, there is an easy way to make reservations at these places, you can simply entrust it to Alterstay, which is the best villa rental company in Bali, check out here.

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