Boost profits with Alterstay’s integrated system,

all while relaxing - anywhere, anytime.

Alterstay is trusted with 50+ property brands and 2,000+ monthly guests.

Balancing profitability, operational, and guest experience are the struggles to tackle for sustainable business ⏤ and we get it.


Property brands


Active OTA partners


Average property ratings


Average occupancy

Less Worry, Better Results

We optimize the day-to-day
operations and cost control,
ensuring you are in safe hands.

Accelerate Your Business

Our strategic system is generated to give long-term solutions and do more.

Improved Revenue

We believe that fortune lies by bringing values, not extracting them.

Simplifying property investment,
whatever your goals are...

Nothing great happens overnight, but Alterstay can help make it come true.

Revenue Optimisation

We preserve high property values and manage strategic pricing to improve your business’s health.

Operational Efficiency

We leverage technology and data integration for efficient operations and maximizing profit.

Business Automation

We drive creative solutions for scalable growth and capabilities to achieve more with less effort.

Economic of scale, benefits for all

As we continue to grow and add more properties to our ecosystem, we can leverage the collective bargaining power to secure better deal with vendors and suppliers.

This cost-saving advantage cannot be achieved by managing a single property alone. Let’s scale together for mutual success.

Increase overall efficiency.
Reduce liability. Save time and energy.




Land Acquisition

Acquiring the right piece of land is the first crucial step in any real estate venture.

Project Concepting

We put your vision onto paper, and a well-thought-out project that can positively set a feasible plan.

Property Develoment

Our dedicated team monitors every aspect of construction to bring on-paper plans to successful vacation rental.

Property Management

Many property investment fail to make yield profits. Alterstay’s mission is to deliver quality and efficiency for long-term success.

Eyes on, hands off

Gone are the days when managing your property meant endless worries. You can confidently leave those worries to us. Whether in marketing, operational, finance, almost anything (we can’t make the sun rise in the west).