Food Recommendation: Babi Guling Dobiel

food recommendation bali – Some say that you haven’t been to Bali if you haven’t tried Babi Guling. But what does Babi Guling mean anyway? Babi guling is a Balinese cuisine with roast suckling pig served with vegetables, rice, and sambal (Indonesian chili sauce).


Why you should try to taste this food?

The pig is stuffed with spices such as turmeric, lemongrass, shallots, chili, shrimp paste, and garlic, producing a strong, flavoury taste. Turmeric is also smeared onto the pig’s skin. Then, the pig is roasted slowly for about 1 to 3 hours (depending on the size) until the skin turns to gold and becomes crispy.


babi guling in nusa dua


Now, this is the best part. After the roasting process, the skin is removed, and the meat is thinly sliced. One bite of the meat feels so magical. Juicy and tender meat bursts in your mouth, while the crispy skin will make a kriuk sound when you bite it. A perfect combination for lunch!


Location of Warung Babi Guling Dobiel

You can find and try a plate of Babi Guling in most warung or Indonesian casual eateries in Bali. If you’re staying in Nusa Dua, there’s a famous Warung Babi Guling in Bali called Babi Guling Dobiel, located at Jl. Srikandi, Benoa, South Kuta. This place is open from 9 am and closed until the pork is sold out. A plate of Babi Guling served with Babi Guling, rice, pork satay, fresh vegetables, and pork soup costs only Rp.50.000 or $3.19. You should definitely visit and have a plate while having a holiday in Bali.


local food in nusa dua


Most of the time, Babi Guling Dobiel is bustling with locals and tourists wanting to have breakfast or lunch. Some may try the babi guling for the first time. The warung itself is not that big, so we suggest you come just after it is open. The parking lot is also a challenge; it’s hard to find a place to park the vehicle here because it’s cramped. But don’t be upset, we promise you the plate of babi guling will make your tummy happy!


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dancing garden nusa dua


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